This project’s goal was to create an editorial illustration for an article. The article I chose to use was a Contently article called “Apple Takes on the Government with Content.” I had never before attempted an editorial illustration so this was a new exciting challenge. I wanted to create something that helped convey the article message and also draw attention.

To help you understand the article and illustration more here is a little snippet of the article:”Forget revenue generation, brand awareness, or customer experience. Apple just released a piece of content with a far greater goal: to battle an unprecedented order by the U.S. government, and safeguard the 75 million iPhone users in America from a breach of privacy.”


Sketching for this project started with word lists. I read through the article and got the main idea that the government wanted Apple to create something that would intrude on people’s privacy. So I started exploring ideas related to security and privacy. I came up with a few, but as I started to develop them and get some peer feedback I went back to the article. I realized that the article was more about Apple taking on the government and I wanted the message to be clear so I started from scratch. This is when I came up with my final idea.


My idea stemmed from the Indiana Jones scene of being chased by the boulder. I drew up a couple different layout comps with different perspectives, but in the end I just liked the flat one. It was simple and to the point. These are two of my original drafts from Illustrator.


I got some critique on my design and added a little more realism to Uncle Same and the ground. I also added some vector texture just to add more depth to the design. Overall, I like how it turned out. I learned a lot more about shadows and textures. But I think the most valuable lesson learned was working through the process of sketching, layout comps, value comps, and drafts. It’s a great way to work and something I will continue using on future projects.

Melissa Wight Editorial