Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot

Finding the extraordinary shot in a not-so-great spot

One of the greatest challenges of photography is finding an extraordinary shot in a very ordinary spot. Getting something unique in a plain or simple spot can really set you apart from other photographers. This is something I really focused on with my trip last weekend to Grand Teton National Park. We had a huge group of photographers all traveling around to the same locations. While there were many beautiful scenes to capture, we all got many similar shots. So my goal was to break off from the group and find something unique. One way I did this was to capture little details. For these small detail shots I really like to turn my aperture down as low as I can to create the soft background. Here are some examples of my Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot:

Extrordinary Shot







Spot 1

This shot was taken when we had all sat down to eat lunch. A little bird started flying around looking for scraps of food so I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting. It took me a while to get a clear shot with him flying everywhere, but I came up with this one. I did a little cropping and other post editing to come up with this shot.

Extrordinary Shot

Extraordinary Shot

Spot 2

I found this little spot next to a beautiful river we stopped to take pictures of. Most people took pictures of the river and the bridge, but I went out to find something unique. Luckily, I found a rock covered in moss and leaves and got up really close to get this extraordinary shot.

Extraordinary Shot

Ordinary Spot Extraordinary Shot

Spot 3

This last ordinary spot was just on the side of the road we decided to stop at. I walked quite a ways up a dirt road and found these wildflowers. Instead of taking a boring shot from the top I sat down in the dirt, and got low enough to get the sun in the background. I turned my aperture down to get the bokeh effect, and then did some post edits to come up with this shot

Extraodinary Shot