The main goal of this project was to convey the main characters of Parks and Recreation through their facial expressions and features. The show Parks and Recreation is a politically comedy done in similar style to The Office. In my opinion the best part of this show are the characters. They have such dynamic personalities and all around strong characterization. This is what I really wanted to portray in this icon set.


For my initial sketching I wanted to come up with a set style. I experimented with different ways to draw common features and then moved on to specific characters. Some characters were a lot harder than others to figure out the perfect facial expression.

First Draft

As I moved to digital production I was able to more fully finalize the style. I decided to avoid strokes and repeated the U shaped eyes on all the characters. Some of the feedback I received on this first draft included things like the more consistent mouths on the girls, more contrast in the shadows, and some specific character elements.

The character that needed the most improvement was April (bottom middle). The original icon showed an expression she would make but not really her features. She is the one I worked on the most as I moved on.

Final Image

I added six more characters to complete the icon set. Some of them were really tricky to get right. I took some of the feedback I got on April and applied it to the rest of them moving forward. I really enjoyed getting to analyze the characters and their facial features to see what makes them look like them. Hopefully you Parks and Rec fans will appreciate it!

Parks and Rec Icon Set