For this poster I wanted to convey the feeling of attending The National Parks concert. I saw them live a couple weeks ago for the first time and fell in love with their music and the atmosphere. It is hard to describe in words how incredible the show was so I became determined to express it through art. If you haven’t heard of the National Parks you can check out their stuff here >>>


I began with a lot of sketching and mind maps to come up with a concept. Also playing their albums on repeat (for inspiration of course). After coming up with some random word lists I tried piecing them together to form an idea. This got me thinking very abstractly and I’ll be the first to admit that tons of those ideas were just plain crazy. But I did come up with one or two solid ideas to move forward with.

First Draft

Once I got an idea I (foolishly) jumped right in to creating digitally. I started picking colors, transparencies, and all sorts of exciting things. Unfortunately, I just ended up with a bunch of jumbled shapes and ideas thrown on a page. So after some feedback from others I took a step back. I went back and did some more sketches taking into account the layout and design, rather than just the idea. Then I did some rough value comps to make picking colors and shades easier. I worked in grey scale for a while to make sure I had good visual hierarchy.


After doing the Value Comps it was so much easier to add in all the details. My idea changed a lot from the first draft mostly due to wanting to add more contrast and hierarchy. I decided to make the main title look like smoke also and got to play with warping text. After I got all the shapes I added in some texture to bring it more to life. I love how it turned out and feel like it is a good representation of the band. It is unique and beautiful giving off the reminiscent feeling of being by the fire under the stars. But it also has more depth and emotion which I think accurately reflects The National Parks music.

Parks and Rec Icon Set