The overall goal of this project was to create a photorealistic watch. I was free to choose any style. I really love watches and love looking at the different styles, but my absolute favorites are the minimalistic ones. So I decided to do some sketching based on that and a little more research into different types of watches I wanted to base mine off of. After sketching and research, I spent a lot of time in Adobe Illustrator bringing the watch to life.


Sketching for this project was a little more difficult for me because I wanted the end product to look like a photo. So it was hard to do any rough sketches that came close. So instead of spending a long time sketching I spent a lot of time looking at photos of watches. I paid close attention to how the light created shadows and highlights which helped me later on in Illustrator.

Digital Creation

In Illustrator, I started with the basic shapes and figures. That part was easy. The challenge came with trying to bring all these flat shapes to life. This was my first time working with gradients in Illustrator and I never knew their purpose until this project. They helped a lot with the light and shadows. This is my first draft, and as you can tell I hadn’t got very far with the shadows or depth. I also used these two photos of other watches for reference.

After some feedback on my first draft, I went back and made a LOT of changes. I worked a little harder on adding realism to the entire thing, especially focusing on the light source. I made adjustments to the side knob, fixed the shadow on the minute hand, and added more detail to the band area to name a few. Here are the two additional drafts:

Final Image

Even after all the other adjustments I made, I did a lot more before getting to the finished product. I didn’t realize how many small details are really required for photorealism. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I learned a lot from this project, but still think I need a lot more practice to get really good at creating photorealistic vector graphics.

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